Company Appointment (Certification)

Company Appointments

A company is required to appoint (or “certify”) each producer that will transact insurance business in Kansas on its behalf.

Business Entity Appointments:

Due to statutory changes which were implemented in Kansas effective July 1, 2021, insurance companies no longer appoint business entities. Instead, companies must have direct appointments with individual producers which write business for the company, whether or not the producers are affiliated with an agency. Companies may not submit appointments for business entities (agencies) unless they are licensed with the Department as credit-only, auto rental-only, or portable electronics-only agencies. All appointments must be submitted electronically through NIPR.

Producer Appointments:

Companies are required to submit all appointment and termination transactions electronically through NIPR. Kansas charges a non-refundable appointment fee of $2 for each producer appointed by a Kansas-domiciled company and $5 for each producer appointed by a foreign-domiciled company. NIPR will be collecting the appointment fee for the State of Kansas at the time the transaction is submitted. You will not receive a monthly appointment billing invoice from the Department. Companies are responsible for paying the transaction fee charged by NIPR for appointments.* Appointments submitted directly to the Department will not be accepted.

Appointments must be submitted through NIPR within 30 working days of the appointment. Failure to appoint within the required time will subject the company to a monetary penalty.

Companies may not submit appointments for business entities (agencies) unless they are licensed with the Department as credit-only, auto rental-only, or portable electronics-only agencies.

Companies can obtain a Company Appointment Report (CAR) from the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) at, to verify the accuracy of producers having appointments with the company.*

Termination of Company Appointments

Cancellations/terminations of producer appointments must be submitted by the company electronically through NIPR. The Department does not charge a termination fee; however, the company is responsible for the transaction fee charged by NIPR for the termination. The company is responsible for notifying the producer and/or agency of the termination. Terminations sent directly to the Department will not be accepted.

If a licensed producer fails to renew their Kansas license by the biennial renewal date, their license is suspended for 90 days.  Companies are not able to accept business from a producer with a suspended license.  If a suspended licensee fails to reinstate the license during the suspension period, the license expires on the 91st day and all appointments are automatically terminated at that time.  The Department does not notify companies of the suspension or expiration of a producer’s license.  A company can subscribe to services provided by NIPR to be notified of changes in a licensee’s status.  Contact to ask about PDB Alerts or other options for notification in changes of an appointment producer’s license status.*

Appointment Renewals

Company producer appointments are renewed annually on January 1. Companies are charged a renewal fee for all active producer appointments that were not terminated by December 26.  Any company appointment termination, with an effective date of January 1, will be included for payment in the January invoice.

The Department can no longer terminate company appointments. All appointments must be processed through NIPR or a third-party vendor.

Listed below are services to obtain a current list of active company appointments. NIPR will send the final invoice for payment in January. The payment must be made through and paid in the exact invoice amount.

Failure to pay your company renewal invoice by March 1 will result in a $1,000.00 penalty assessed and added to the final invoice amount. Failure to pay all fees by March 31 will result in administrative action by the Department.


There are various options with different pricing features available to companies to make appointments and appointment terminations through NIPR.  Companies should contact to discuss available options and determine what services best match a company’s needs.

Company Appointment Report

NIPR’s Company Appointment Report (CAR) allows a company to view a list of all active appointments and/or terminations.  This report is company and state-specific and costs $50.00 per report.  Companies can only view data for their affiliated companies.  Use of a CAR requires a company to sign a license agreement with NIPR.

Producer Database (PDB) Alerts

Companies and other users can subscribe to PDB Alerts which provides notice when information changes in the Producer Database.  Users can subscribe to receive changes in licensing, demographics, appointments, and regulatory actions.  The alerts are available to subscribers through different delivery methods and at different costs. For more information on PDB Alerts click here.  To receive PDB Alerts, a company needs to be a customer of NIPR.

To initiate the contracting process with NIPR for either access to CAR or PDB Alerts, please complete the Producer Database (PDB) Access form and return it to Upon receipt and review, NIPR will provide you with the appropriate license agreement.